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Those that say the perfect floor covering doesn't exist probably just hasn't experienced all the intricacies of resilient sheet vinyl flooring. Not only one of the most comfortable floor coverings to walk on, but it's also durable, gorgeous, and even provides a certain level of water resistance that can't be found in some other materials. In essence, it could very well be the perfect flooring material for a number of homeowners. To find out if you're one of them, be sure to compare your own list of flooring preferences with all that you'll get out of this particular material.

At Mike's Quality Flooring, you'll find a great selection of floor coverings to choose from, as well as all the services needed to create the perfect flooring experience. We not only offer products and services but a dedication to complete customer satisfaction, including an installation guarantee. We strive to create repeat customers and word of mouth referrals, so if you're not happy, we're not happy. You can get your own flooring experience started right away by visiting us at our Monroe, MI showroom. From there, we currently serve the communities of Monroe, MI, New Port, MI, Carleton, MI, Erie, MI, Dundee, MI, and LaSalle, MI, and we look very forward to including you in our family of satisfied customers.

Sheet vinyl offers everything you need and more

Resilient sheet vinyl flooring offers everything you'd expect from other types of vinyl flooring. Durability is available in its careful construction that is created specifically to keep up with today's active and busy families. Stunning good looks are created in a design layer that not only offer the look of natural materials like tile, stone, and solid hardwood, but also bright colors, patterns, and designs. But there's more to this flooring than meets the eye.

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Since a solid single sheet can cover most average sized rooms, there are no seams at all. No seams mean no areas where water, spills, or moisture can permeate to later cause damage or mold and mildew growth. For this reason, this is an excellent floor covering for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, mud rooms, and foyers. Here, dampness, moisture, humidity, and spills are all common occurrences and can quickly lead to the destruction of any flooring not created to withstand those circumstances. That's why this floor covering is such an asset in those very settings.

Keep in mind that those who tried to install sheet vinyl themselves often regretted it. Ask your flooring specialist for more installation details.