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Making a statement with carpet

When you choose carpet flooring for your home, you're saying much more than you might think. With the elegance and welcoming atmosphere that this flooring creates, you're saying that each guest is honored. The benefits of this floor covering are more extensive than they've ever been, offering every homeowner something very worthwhile. From the best appearances to the most beneficial characteristics, you're sure to find something about this flooring that you'll love. More than that, you're sure to find something that matches your own list of requirements.

Mike's Quality Flooring offers an excellent selection of flooring materials and services to make sure all your needs are met. We make sure no customer leaves without being completely satisfied, and hope to make repeat customers of everyone. From our Monroe, MI showroom, we are proud to represent the areas of Monroe, MI, New Port, MI, Carleton, MI, Erie, MI, Dundee, MI, and LaSalle, MI. We hope you'll visit us soon so we have the opportunity to provide you with the same professional, friendly, no-hassle service we've become known for in the community. Feel free to stop by anytime, where you'll find our flooring specialists standing by to provide you with the flooring experience you deserve.

Carpet makes a house a home

Carpet is an excellent family floor covering, especially if your home happens to be a multi-generational one. The smaller children will find a warm and comfortable area on which to play, while older residents find it safer and more stable than any other floor covering. Slips and falls become less frequent, and if they do occur, serious injury is often averted due to the softness of landing.

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Few floor coverings can truly save you money, but carpet manages that with ease. Acting as an extra layer of insulation, as does the underpadding installed beneath it, this material retains more heat and leaves you with a much warmer environment during the cold months. Since your furnace won't have to run as often or as long, you'll find that results in savings you can see in your energy bills.

You'll also notice, after carpet installation, that your home is more peaceful thanks to the noise reduction, it provides. Sounds of children playing, devices blaring, and pets clamoring about will be less prevalent, so you'll experience a more serene home in no time.

Be sure to ask your flooring professional about the importance of professional installation with this product.