Some homeowners ask about skipping carpet underpadding to save on their overall budget, but it is a practice we strongly advise against. The benefits are well worth what you’ll pay and can save you some serious money in the future.

A flooring installation is serious business

A professional flooring installation is the final and most important service you’ll receive during your floor shopping experience. It’s not only the physical placement of your chosen flooring materials, but it is a warrantied investment protection that ensures you'll get what you want and need by the time our installers are finished.

Each floor covering has specific characteristics, and as such, they each have their installation procedure. Some can be installed quickly and easily, while others take more precision and special tools for a perfect install.

For instance, laminate and luxury vinyl, especially those that allow for a floating installation, can be installed in just one or two days, depending on your project's size. Other materials like carpet, hardwood, and porcelain tile, can take much longer, but it’s well worth the extra time spent.

If you need to discuss your installation's specifics, be sure to visit us when you're in the area. We'll explain everything in detail and answer all your questions too.

Find what you need at our flooring store

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